Hi! I’m Jennifer Caudle and welcome to The Family Communicator.

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If you are like me, you’ve found family life to be immensely joyful on one hand and completely maddening on the other. Life is challenging and relationships usually put you to the test. But, good things come from the most difficult of circumstances.

My growing-up years were rough. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my parents and all my many siblings. But, how can I put this? We were messed up! We had more than our fair share of problems. My older sister likes to say, “It should be illegal to have this many nuts on one family tree!” I don’t think it could be stated any more eloquently. The “crazy” baton kept passing from one generation to the next. Until finally I said, “NO MORE.”

As I got older, nothing became more important to me than Prom Pic Mere Willcreating a family and home-life where stability, safety, and love ruled the roost. It hasn’t been easy. There have been many ups and downs for me and my husband. But, we’ve made it through 25 years of marriage, are still very much in love, and have two stable teenagers. (Yeah, you probably think stable and teenager are an oxymoron, but it’s true!)


We all want and need successful families. But, success is a result of hard work, skill and lots of practice! The Family Communicator will help you create the loving atmosphere you desire. With practical, everyday wisdom, tips and encouragement, we can all grow strong, supportive, and enjoyable family relationships.

Here at The Family Communicator we focus on building practical skills such as how to talk to one another, effectively and encouragingly.  Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Believe me just try forming a friendship without ever talking to one another!

Take any problem you’ve encountered recently and ask yourself, “Where did this problem originate?” I’ll bet more times than not it sprouted from miscommunication. As a Communication Studies professor, I see and experience all sorts of problems due to misunderstanding. No one is an expert communicator. We all need to learn how to express love in ways that those who matter most to you can receive, understand and respond accordingly.

Because of this, I post weekly articles on topics such as marriage, parenting, work-life balance, budgeting, healthy conflict resolution, family traditions, extended-family relationships, and much more. Think about it, have you ever wondered…

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You can stay married, resolve conflict effectively, and raise encouraging kids. All of these are possible. You don’t have to be a statistic. You don’t have to carry-on or pass-on generational misguided thoughts or actions. You can create a new path. You can build a new legacy, establish new traditions, and develop lasting relationships.

I encourage you to subscribe to The Family Communicator. I’ll send out a weekly post that will encourage and spur you to develop great relationships with those you love. Please take the time to enter your email address and join The Family Communicator community. For joining, you’ll receive my 5 Practical Steps to Overcoming Marital Conflict. I look forward to hearing your comments as we share the family journey together.

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