Tough Subjects: Making the Choice to Talk

Fighting through the fear

Tough subjects, they cause a “duck and cover” response. Where can I go? Where can I hide? How can I avoid the unwanted discomfort? Some topics just give us the heebee-geebees!

Tough Subjects

Think back to “The Talk.” Maybe you were forced to finally answer your child’s questions about sex since Little Johnny at school explained the anatomical form of procreation. Or, contemplate the awkward embarrassment of learning about the birds and bees from your parent, sibling, or friend. Certain conversations send chills up and down our spine.

And for most of us, we will do anything to avoid the distress of difficult topics.

I wish I could say the sex talk would be our most difficult conversation in life. But, that is a fairy-tale. If we are part of a family, we will have many more grueling subjects to confront…or not.

We grapple with choice everyday. Will we discuss the hardships of life or avoid them as if they don’t exist? Will we pretend the problem doesn’t exist? Will we hide in secrecy?Will we duck our heads in the sand saying it doesn’t affect me? The truth is our actions affect every person within the family.

Difficult topics surround us—bullying at school, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage sex, marital infidelity, mental illness, sexual abuse. If we want healthy families, we must learn to talk about real issues in a respectful manner.

Personally, I’ve seen the consequences of not facing reality and shoving difficulty under the rug. Eventually, the rug has no more room and the affects of the problem lay strewn around the room. You can see the problem in your children, your marriage, and in the mirror.

The temporary feelings of discomfort are nothing to the permanent affects of avoidance. Love those around you enough to confront the difficulty. Choose their life over your embarrassment or fear. Talk through the tough subjects and find a greater reward—a healthy, balanced, proactive family.