Listen…Do You Hear It?

Listen….do you hear it? That is the sound of peace and quiet (at least at my house). Spring Break has come and gone. Wonderful as it was to have no schedule. It is almost more wonderful that the kids are back to school and my husband back to work. And I have time to work in silence, glorious silence! The only sound is the whistling of the bird outside my window and the occasional car passing.

Don’t get me wrong. The time I spend with my family is cherished. It is time we can never get back. We should use every moment making memories and creating strong relationships. Yet, we all should have time to ourselves. Time to rejuvenate and replenish our soul.

As a mom, I’m greeted with “hey, I need earrings to go with my prom dress by Saturday or when do you think you will get me signed up for driver’s ed?” Or this statement that I think will throw me over to the dark-side if I hear it from one of my children one more time…”Do you know what would be fun today?” That is code for I really want to do this mom and I will try to make it sound appealing to you too. And yes for a moment you do want to yell “have you ever wondered what might be fun for me or you know I do have important things to get done!” But then guilt begins to speak, “You will only have these beauties for a little while.” You acknowledge in your mind that Guilt is right. I’ll only have these darlings for a few short years and I want to make the best of them. So you respond, “Sure, honey, what would be fun to do today?”

Well the kids had their fun last week and I enjoyed every minute of it (somewhere in my mind I’m wondering if that statement is true or just the correct thing to say). Anyway, it is my time. It is your time to enjoy the silence of the house for a few hours each day. We all have work and many obligations, but for a little bit today, do something that brings you joy. Listen to the bird sing a perfect melody just for you. Take a walk or write a hand-written note of thanks. Unplug. Re-energize. Be selfish with your time for a few minutes. Smile, laugh, and rejoice that in a few hours the silence will be awash with sounds of children and husband asking, “What’s for dinner?”