Is Insanity Winning?

If I asked you today, “Describe the condition of your home to me, right now.” Would your answer resemble something like this? My house looks like a bomb went off inside. Dirty dishes fill the sink. Laundry is still in the dryer. You can’t see the floor of my children’s bedrooms and I don’t know when life will slow down long enough for me to get it clean.

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

One theme runs throughout every family. We are busy. The alarm rings at 6 am. We hit the floor. Shower, dress, and wake up kids. Pull children out of bed. Dress them, even if their eyes are still shut. Prop the little beauties at the kitchen bar for some cereal, while lunches are tucked into backpacks. You think, “Do I have what I need for the day? Will we make it to the car without a melt down or forgetting anything?” Glimpses of your peaceful life before spouse and children play on your mind’s screen as you question, “Why did I do this?”

Well you did it because life was not complete alone. You did it because blessings come from experiencing life together. We create bonds of support, express limitless love, and establish foundations of stability within the family. Yet sometimes, family life seems unmanageable, like the busyness of life is more in control than we are. And sometimes, that is true, but it doesn’t have to win.

So, how do we take back control from the chaos of life. We live on purpose. We set limits and re-establish our priorities. I don’t think any of you, nor myself, would say, “I like being gone every night of the week due to work, kid’s activities, volunteer commitments, or church activities.” It is important for us to understand that the winner in life is not the person with the most activities or commitments. There is no glory in being overcommitted, stressed, and burdened down. The winner in life is the person who sets boundaries and protects their home life.

Our homes need to be a refuge from the chaos of life. Think about it. When life gets tough, where do you want to run? We want to go home to the peace and safety of family. We want a comfortable and inviting environment to recharge and reconnect. So, how do we take back our life from the chaos? How do we create the home life that we desire?

The following consists of 7 easy steps I take to regain my peace of mind and love of home:

  1. Take a few moments to breathe. Breathe slowly and deeply.  Let your mind rest.
  2. Free yourself from perfectionism. Stop competing with whoever or whatever.
  3. Ask what can I remove from my list of obligations today? What is not necessary and stealing life from me and my family?
  4. Evaluate where you spend your time. Do your activities align with what you want for your family?
  5. Openly talk to your spouse, children or extended-family about removing excess stress.
  6. Agree on a renewed vision of what your family life will look like.
  7. Most importantly, enjoy dinner together at home, sitting at the table without the noise of the television or the distraction of cell phones.

Let me know your thoughts and share with me what works for you…